Regular Maintenance of Your Existing Vehicle May Be Key to Long-Term Financial Happiness

car-1176315_640With spring’s arrival many of us a look forward to warmer weather and a much-anticipated tax return. But how will you spend your tax refund this year? A Big-Screen TV? A New Cell Phone? New Clothes? The Dhillon Automotive Group has a better idea for your money: spend it on your second biggest investment, your car.

“It’s not a secret that regular maintenance of your car results in a safer and more reliable vehicle. To most people’s surprise, proper servicing improves fuel efficiency, cuts back emissions as well as an increases resale value. Whether it’s a simple oil change, replacing brake pads or filters, to new belts and hoses. The bottom line is that a routine maintenance bill seems like a real bargain compared to the cost of any major repairs caused by the lack of regular service” said Rocky Dhillon, Vice-President of the Dhillon Automotive Group.

Benefits of Using a Tax Return as a Down Payment

“To get the best return on investment you want to keep your vehicle well maintained in the ‘Lien-Free Period’. It’s that period of time after the auto loan has been paid off; when your vehicle is still in good shape and needs only minor repairs. On the other hand, another trend we are seeing with many car shoppers today is taking that tax return and investing it towards the purchase of a new vehicle altogether. Doing so can reduce your monthly payments, shorten the term of borrowing and save you money on interest charges.” Rocky added.

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Quick Fact: The North American Dealer’s Association estimates that more than $72 billion in vehicle maintenance and repair is not performed every year, evidence that there is considerably more that consumers should be doing to protect their automotive investment.

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